March 20, 2013

What is RubberSpace?

Just like everyone has their own definition of spirituality, no two people will agree entirely on what RubberSpace is.
Part of the problem probably stems from the inherent ineffability of RubberSpace — it’s similarities to shamanic trances, journeys and mystical experiences tend to make it defy explanation or description. The English language simply does not have the words which can be used to adequately explain it. 
It’s also quite probable that different Rubberists have different experiences of RubberSpace at different times. There are no standards by which to evaluate these experiences for continunity.
For the purposes of attempting to establish a reasonable definition of RubberSpace we can, however, observe some common elements:
  1. It tends to be trance-like. Most of one’s consciousness is heavily focused on tactile sensation and/or fantasies.
  2. it is something that can only be experienced by people who have a fairly pronounced fetish for rubber. (Rubberists) The sensation of latex against the skin produces a psychological and, usually, erotic stimulus that defies explanation and which, in theory, non-fetish people are probably incapble of experiencing.
  3. RubberSpace is an Altered State of Consciousness (ASC). That is, it is not “normal”, every day reality. It is something different.
  4. It is significantly focused on sensation and, more specifically, the tactile feel of latex against the skin.  This is often to the exclusion of the other senses (as in Total Enclosure) and may result in a kind of sensory overload which ultimately produces the effect.
  5. Time and space are either distorted or not perceived. If fantasies are present, they may not be linear or the result of cause and effect.
  6. A trance-like meditation or medibation* may be experienced.
  7. It is usually accompanied by strong eroticism though this may be of a purely mental nature. It often leads to orgasm.
  8. Physiological factors resulting from a “session” in rubber may also induce the RubberSpace ASC. Many of these are also found in shamanic practices. Examples may include
    1. mild dehydration (the “sweat lodge effect”)
    2.  sensory deprivation (usually hearing and/or vision)
    3.  sensory overload (all emphaisis on tactile)
    4.  immobility and discomfort (from bondage)
    5.  body temperature irregularities (mild heat exhaustion)
    6.  oxygen deficiencies from the use of breathing control paraphenalia,
*”medibation” =  masturbatory meditation

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